Review: D.O.A. — ‘1978’

It wraps up with “Whatcha Gonna Do?” which, unlike most of the tracks, has a slower, almost reggae vibe. Perhaps because it’s a call to action, and it’s important that the words be clearly heard; act now, before it’s too late, the song implores. It echoes what Keithley refers to as D.O.A.’s mantra; talk gets you motivated, but it’s action that gets the job done. Words to live by.

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Modern Woes, Modern Life: Next Exit in “Seattle 1982-1984”

This release also adds three live tracks, giving you an idea of what the group was like in performance. The energy is more contemplative, not quite as manic, though “Fallout Zone” (another fable of modern paranoia), really whips the crowd up. It’s a welcome release that offers a great look back at a simpler time in our rock history, before everything got so gentrified.

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In memory of a friend: the David Bowie Alumni Tour

“Look up here, I’m in heaven.” These lines from David Bowie’s “Lazarus,” a song on his final album, Blackstar, were perfectly apt during this night of music in tribute to Bowie’s creations. But “A Bowie Celebration: The David Bowie Alumni Tour” also had a direct connection to the man as well. The show’s subtitle refers to the fact that the musicians aren’t just admirers, they themselves worked with Bowie over the years, giving the production a more personal touch.

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