If you have some northwest music related news you think we should know about, send it to Please note: For album or EP reviews only, send to 

Here are the types of things that are usually newsworthy:

  • Album or Video Release
  • Album Release Party
  • Collaborations
  • Venue opening
  • Venue closing
  • Festivals Announced
  • Festival Lineups
  • Benefit Announcement

Sending your newsworthy content in the form of a Press Release will greatly increase your chances of coverage. We’ve put together a helpful guide on how to best get our(and most other media source’s) attention. Check that out HERE.

Things we don’t typically cover:

  • Crowdfunding. We will sometimes mention it in a review or an article but XYZ Band Announces Kickstarter Campaign isn’t something we typically do.
  • Battle of The Bands or other online contests.  As a rule we stay away from this stuff as well.
  • Products for sale.
  • Anything not relevant to Northwest Music.

Music Review Policy: We love to listen to new northwest music, in fact we’d venture to guess we listen more new northwest music than any other NW based publication, ’cause that’s how we roll.  If you’d like us to listen and consider your recently released album or EP for review send us a  link to an online player or some other way to listen. Send to: If we decide to review it we may contact you and ask for a download and/or a physical copy but usually online is good enough for us.  Having a one-sheet for your band’s album is also very helpful.  If you don’t have a one-sheet, please include the following items when submitting. Band name, Album title, Date of release, Label(if any), Musicians that play on the album, Band location, studio name, producer and or engineer. A digital copy of the album cover is also helpful. Check out the reviews we’ve done HERE to get an idea of the format we use.

Please note: We are damn near religious about only reviewing music from the Pacific Northwest Region as defined by this:  Pacific Northwest Region.

Music or Video Premiers: Another thing we love to do is to help get your music out in front of more people by premiering new songs or videos on our website and then the music usually ends up on our social media sites after that.  Keep in mind we don’t place everything we receive, there’s way too much but we try to get as much out there that our time will allow. We do request that submissions for this purpose be of at least decent quality and fit with the overall feel of our website. To see how we do these, click HERE to see a sample. If you are emailing to request a premier, please put “Premier Request”(or something like that in the subject line, we get a lot of email and it will help your email rise to the top of the pile. Send to

To make our lives much easier, include the following items in a premier request:

800 X 450 image(This is the featured image that will be blasted all over social media)
One short paragraph describing the video or single. 
Social media links.(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Embed code for streaming location. (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Revernation, Youtube)
Include a link that directs us to somewhere we can read a bio about the band.
Click HERE to see a sample of our premiers.


As mentioned earlier, you can greatly increase your chances of getting coverage from us by putting together a solid press release.  We put together an article to help you do just that:  Press Release Article

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