Northwest Music Month (2016)

The first annual Northwest Music Month was conceived in 2016 as a sort of spiritual successor to our “x Bands in x Days” series, where we would spend every day in the month of June turning you onto a new band or artist for your music discovering pleasure.

Below you can find the full list of the musical performers featured in Northwest Music Month, in order of day.

Day 01: Greet the Sea
Day 02: The Not-Its!
Day 03: Naomi Wachira
Day 04: Actionesse
Day 05: Mechanism
Day 06: Sun Blood Stories
Day 07: Marsalis
Day 08: Western Daughter
Day 09: Arthur James
Day 10: Colorworks
Day 11: Guest Directors
Day 12: Tellers
Day 13: Emily Donohue
Day 14: FairLady
Day 15: Ichi Bichi
Day 16: DedElectric
Day 17: Lana McMullen
Day 18: Uncle Sugar
Day 19: Teacher
Day 20: Crystal Desert
Day 21: Brite Lines
Day 22: The Lovely Lost
Day 23: Curse League
Day 24: Angela Cross
Day 25: The Hasslers
Day 26: Pacific Echoes
Day 27: Mississippi Jones
Day 28: Echo Texture
Day 29: Faint Peter
Day 30: Spencer Carlson

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