Review: Loscil — ‘Equivalents’

Morgan’s twelfth record maintains a low vapor, moisture light approach to the mirages we want to see and the one’s created in spite of it. The work expresses emotion, channeling nonrepresentational qualities in both visual art and music. Morgan beautifully parallels melancholy, motion, stasis, mass, as Equivalents wanders into an immersive, volume of soft sempiternal feeling. 

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Review: Aaron Semer — ‘Cape Disappointment’

Cape Disappointment warns listeners. Consider the monochromatic weight of horror-flick red and black type overwhelming the distant lighthouse. At times, isolated and towering, Semer’s style is as powerful as the crush of ocean waves during a night storm. However, just like the water’s reflective and illuminative qualities, Semer’s deeper parallels and college of hard-knock tales reveal Semer’s debut and metaphors as anything but a disappointment.

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Review: J. Martin — ‘Both of Those Things’

On Both of Those Things, Martin has crafted an indelible Side A. Each of the five songs could stand alone, yet hearing them collectively, pivoting or enveloping the previous, garners the best bounty. Martin’s inclusion of talented players on this nearly missed EP soars above previous climbed heights. Here’s hoping his follow up isn’t six years in the making.   

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