Review: Micah McCaw — ‘Imbalances’

“Talk Louder” carries McCaw’s strongest chorus and acts as a necessary palette cleanser. Ender “ROYGBV”, a mouthful of color (minus indigo), also serves as a gyre of heady faith and spiritual leanings. Summoning McCaw’s quest for a win-win narrative, Imbalances is embedded with a leap of tension and friction as his wrestling testament toward exploration of self and the Source reaches a creative union.

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Review: When Mountains Move — ‘Paracosm’

Under the right storm of attention, Paracosm would top year end lists. Soul striking composition aided by experimentation and instinctual foresight yields a wondrous record without any thread of amateur hour or filler. Keefer is due many accolades as a bellwether for this loose, yet highly image-rich song crafting. We’d do well to stay in his net and keep his name(s) close.

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Review: Danny Newcomb — ‘Mackerel Sky’

Throughout Mackerel Sky, Newcomb’s tangible, image-filled lyrics magnetize the record’s singable and melodic qualities, gifting a record which fits the everyday. Neighborhood walks, early mornings at the table, prepping a garden, even wearing a mask to the grocery store all seem to benefit from Newcomb’s kind approach. It’s as if he’s wanting to share this exact moment with those who pass by. Those who pause, are better for it.

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