Review: Danny Newcomb & the Sugarmakers — ‘Steal the World’

Steal the World’s lived in sound can’t be overstated. It overshadows the pithy, indie wannabes and rock’s legacy acts (who haven’t released anything noteworthy in decades). It’s an endearing rock ‘n’ roll record, which avoids rock’s indulgent pitfalls despite riding so close to rock’s established sounds.

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Review: Noel Meek, Arrington de Dionyso and Rodrigo Rico — ‘From the Land of the Wicked King’

As the ending saw-like whirling races to the forefront, accelerating each to his end, From the Land of the Wicked King reveals a new kind of free jazz and experimentation. De Dionyso, Meek, and Rico frustrate, defy, pursue, and expel their divination secrets everywhere. Where they go from here, well…that’s for us to decode.

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