Review: Bumbershoot 2018 Continues With Exciting and Colorful Performances

Despite my ongoing pessimism within the time leading up to the festival, I learned an important lesson this past weekend: Bumbershoot, and I’m sure any other modern music festival for that matter, was exactly what I made of it. I could have definitely sat in the bleachers of the main stage for hours on end, grumbling about how millennials ruined what Bumbershoot ‘used to be’ and critiquing every aspect of the event from front to back.

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Concert Review: Naked Giants and Car Seat Headrest delight Olympia crowd

The night came to end with Toledo, accompanied by only his electric guitar, crooning out a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Ivy,” and an earth-shattering performance of “Beach Life-In-Death” with the help of the full band. Some may think it unwise to end a set with a 13-minute long monster of a track, but in Car Seat Headrest’s case, nothing could have completed the night on a better note.

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