REVIEW: Mercer X Summit Block Party Delivers Plenty of Good Times

With the hashtag #SaveTheShowbox sweeping the timelines of Seattleites everywhere, the city’s music community hasn’t been so tense in ages. Practically every artist ever affiliated with Seattle, from the smallest of local bands to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie have been speaking up in protest, and demanding action to keep the beloved venue alive.

Given the climate of the community, Mercer x Summit Block Party was the perfect way for Seattle’s musical artists and appreciators to team together for a day of free performances, and participated in proving how essential local music is to the city. Equipped with a beautiful, sunny day, an inclusive lineup, and an overall positive atmosphere, Mercer x Summit Block Party was most definitely a success.

Over 30 artists were crammed within three makeshift stages, each with thirty minute playing times. This made it exceptionally easy for attendees to go from set to set quickly and with ease, taking in a gargantuan portion of performances, and sticking around for the ones that spoke most directly to them. One moment you could be taking in the rowdy, experimental hip-hop set of Nauticult, and the next be swaying along with the swirly dream-pop sounds of Hibou.


The “Cove Stage,” wedged within a petite alleyway next to a smelly compost bin featured some of the most impressive shows of the day. Punk rock three-piece Tres Leches won the crowd over with short and hard-hitting tracks, in which their cheeky personalities triumphantly shone through. 

Tres Leches

Next up on the lineup were the psychedelic sounds of Strawberry Mountain. Though only three of the six band members were able to perform, an incredibly vivid and full sound poured through their speakers, and by the end of their set, the alley was overflowing with eager listeners.

Strawberry Mountain

As the sun set, the headcount quickly transformed from over-enthusiastic music lovers to civilians from all walks of life; elderly couples, fashionably-dressed young adults, and babies on top of their parents shoulders with the thickest protectant headphones that money could buy. As people gathered by the main stage, it became clear that MONSTERWATCH, a gritty yet endearing punk group, came to completely steal the show. Their thirty minute set was made up of screaming vocals, moshing, dancing, and lots of crowd surfing. If that didn’t win the crowd over in itself, they handed out their latest release on vinyl for free to whoever could get to them first.


The show finally came to a close around 11 PM after a headlining set by Telekinesis, and thus ended an incredibly long, but worthwhile day. Just from the pool of artists who performed this past Saturday, Mercer x Summit Block Party displayed the rich talent and eclectic sounds that Seattle’s local music scene is absolutely brimming with.

Check out more photos from the event HERE.

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