Concert Review: Bad Suns with QTY and HUNNY at the Showbox

Near the end of their set, Bowman announced that this would be the band’s’ last time in Seattle while promoting Disappear Here. This bittersweet statement was a little sad, but mostly exciting, since it implied that Bad Suns are already planning the release of a third album. No matter what the future of Bad Suns holds, Seattle will surely welcome them back with open arms whenever they choose to come back!

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Mac DeMarco thrills adoring Seattle audience

There were also quite a few touching moments of the show. Despite his eccentricity, DeMarco can write a love song like nobody’s business. A highlight of the night came with Mac serenaded the crowd with a stripped down version of “My Kind of Woman” on bended knees, convincing everyone in attendance to fall in love with him through his beautiful and poetic lyrics.

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Concert Review: Frankie Cosmos, Flying Fish Cove, iji and Dent May Shine in Seattle

The biggest reason why the Frankie Cosmos show was so much fun to attend is the sense of community between all the bands. Everyone performing seemed to be incredibly friendly with each other, and there were many instances where a member from one band would provide some backing vocals or an extra guitar piece for another, and the overall atmosphere was one of positivity and happiness.

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Concert Review: Portugal. The Man become Lords of Seattle for a night

Portugal. The Man showcased their outstanding talent for creating and playing music while additionally incorporating jaw dropping visuals and their goofy sense of humor into a sold out Paramount show. With each new era of music, Portugal. The Man keeps getting better and better, and I’m excited to see where their talents take them next!

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Review: The Courtneys – ‘II’

The Courtneys succeed in delivering an album that’s dripping with exuberance, creativity and sunshine. From the track “Tour,” where you can almost feel the anticipation that builds up throughout the beginning instrumental, to “Mars Attack,” which utilizes vocals sang in a minor key to create a different vibe than the rest of the album, there isn’t a single song that you’ll want to skip within the entire 10 track record.

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