Review: Noel Meek, Arrington de Dionyso and Rodrigo Rico — ‘From the Land of the Wicked King’

As the ending saw-like whirling races to the forefront, accelerating each to his end, From the Land of the Wicked King reveals a new kind of free jazz and experimentation. De Dionyso, Meek, and Rico frustrate, defy, pursue, and expel their divination secrets everywhere. Where they go from here, well…that’s for us to decode.

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Review: Amulets — ‘Future Fog’

Taylor’s Future Fog is tethered by symmetry of well-established sound architecture, where listening close bares nuance to his shaped periphery. Clamorous and lurid tones, looped caterwauls, and heavyset layering blast the comforting noise, while the ‘pretty’ hums mimic the autumnal swirls, giving Future Fog a masterfully balanced and lived in space joining an already rich discography.

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Review: Haley Heynderickx — ‘I Need to Start a Garden’

On I Need to Start a Garden, Heynderickx landscapes a well-intended collection of songs with an impeccable ear for nuance and discovery. Her intuitive prose blooms around a gorgeous partner in sound. Whether heard as spring’s buds peek or near autumn’s gasp for chlorophyll, Heynderickx has summoned it all with a cyclical lure.

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