Review: Floored Faces — ‘Escapism Prism’

Seattle’s Floored Faces opener, “Fly Away”, on their new album, Escapism Prism, is everything an introduction requires; irresistible, bombastic fanfare and maybe more important, a real cool time. 

Escapism Prism is loud, fuzzed up rock ‘n’ roll. Properly avoiding the sloth and granola of ‘rock’ bands cluttering up the ladder and chute, Floored Faces tote plenty of fire and vigor, layered in zesty reverb. “Till Bed” tags a similar motorik boom of “Fly Away”. Lead singer Joe Syverson’s echo and power are memorizing above the burn and chug of Erik Cargill’s scuzzy bass.  

Recalling the punkish melody and garage jam of Chicago’s The Ponys, Floored Faces dive hard into rock’s blustering euphoria. Instant grabbers, “Out Here”, “On The Leave”, and “Walk Away” all possess a heroic slam of “damn, I wish my band sounded this good”. Particularly memorable, “Walk Away” fashions a psych-bluesy solo into the smoke. Syverson jabs spiny hollers, frightening all the neighborhood cats, as drummer Colin English slaughters his set. Floored faces indeed.

(Check out Escapism Prism below via Bandcamp)

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