Review: Francis Farmer — ‘Bruised Fruit’

Francis Farmer’s kaleidoscopic, “Don”, from his late March EP, Bruised Fruit, oozes like a throwback to Bowie, if The Thin White Duke drank seltzer with Captain Beefheart. Like a toy maker, eagerly tinkering with a tried and true formula, Farmer’s “Don” scraps and jangles with champion, effervescent guitar chugs, hand claps, percussive oddities, and his darkly spry vocals.

The pacing on Bruised Fruit is cataloged by Farmer’s stately guitar work and confetti popped add-ons. And like Bowie, Farmer projects various personas. “A Glorious Cave” tumbles a sing-speak cacophony, like an Arab Strap song clattering into the ether. While the ending explosives on “Big Night” side steps pop and rips a brooding aesthetic from a nearby post-punk’s closet.  

Farmer’s choice of chorus lifts, imagery, and instrumental streamers are freshly picked. If you can hear the smirk on Farmer’s face, it’s only because others have passed on the discount, equally sweet, marred produce.

(Check out Bruised Fruit below via Bandcamp)

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