Gaytheist burns brightly with new ‘Fire’

This is a band of great passion. The closing track, “Doing Great! Never Better!,” a plea to not be left alone, is sweet in its vulnerability. It also belies Rivera’s declaration “I don’t know if I care” in the sprightly-titled “All Choices End in Death.” Nonsense. Anyone who sings with such intensity has to care. If you like powerful, pummeling rock, check out this album. And don’t overlook the lyrics. 

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Review: Shallow Water — ‘Part of a Larger Conversation’

Part of a Larger Conversation’s lush vignettes work intentionally as a unified whole or disintegrated into flickering mysteries. Whether Conversations receives proper attention or is just splashed, as another puddle while community adjusts is understandable; these are strange times, but Shallow Water is deeper than the name suggests.

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