Northwest Music Month — Day 10: Colorworks

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Welcome back to Northwest Music Month 2016, where we’re spending each day of the month of June turning you onto a different local band for your music discovering pleasure, to help forecast a summer of great local music. Some days they could be a regional favorite that’s already got a well-deserved following, and other days they could be a complete unknown that you’ve never heard of. Today’s band comes to us from the fertile Emerald City music scene with their extremely radiant and playful guitar-pop music, it’s Colorworks!

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If you’ve been keeping an ear to the Seattle underground the past year or so, there’s a good chance that the name Colorworks rings a bell. This eclectic four-piece up-and-comer has been making waves in our local scene for a while now off the strength of their delirious and harmonious guitar-driven songs, and for their wild and inviting live performances. The band is recently coming off of a very well-received performance at the third annual Big BLDG Bash, and has plans to perform on the final day of this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party as well.

Listening to the band’s music, it’s no wonder they’re as hot as they currently are in our local scene. The band straddles the line between being rock and pop, without ever feeling overly sanitary or gutless. The combined talents of dual vocalists and instrumentalists Bret Dylan and Nick Myette alone sell their concise and tightly-written songs, but with drummer Andrew Ginn and multi-instrumentalist David Easton adding more of a backbone to these songs, the members have a chemistry when they perform that few other bands around here do. Tracks like “Daydreams” are just as strong performance-wise as they are catchy and intoxicating. They have a really alluring psychedelic sonic palette, which they use to their advantage.

On the band’s latest release, the short but sweet Dreams of Mangoes, the band takes their retro, effects-heavy approach to pop and applies it to different styles of music, most notably a clear surf rock influence on the aforementioned “Daydreams.” Set for release later in the year, Dreams of Mangoes is a release that we imagine will really do gangbusters for the quartet if enough people are turned onto it. In our own review of the EP, we said that the release was “Oozing with light and breezy psychedelic goodness,” and went on to say that, “‘Daydreams’ and the rest of the tunes on Dreams of Mangoes are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon outside getting lost in some cosmic soundscape.”

Let the music of Colorworks envelop you in its heavenly shroud, and let it become the odd, but oddly beautiful soundtrack to your summer.

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