Northwest Music Month — Day 29: Faint Peter


Ladies and gentlemen, hello and welcome back to the second-to-final day of Northwest Music Month 2016, where we’ve been featuring a different local band or artist for your music discovering pleasure every day during the month of June, to help ring in a summer of local music. Some days these artists could be a regional favorite that’s already got a following, and other days they could be a complete unknown that you’ve never heard of. Luckily, we’ve saved some of the best for our final days of this segment, and today’s band isn’t one that should go ignored: Faint Peter!


Faint Peter is the main solo project of Seattle-via-Boston singer-songwriter Joseph DeNatale, a singer-songwriter of the indie folk persuasion, who’s been having a steady rise in our local scene off the strength of his grandiose, room-filling music, which DeNatale releases and distributes independently. The music Joseph puts to record is full of moody charm, and has the air of music that you would hear playing over the opening credits of a dramatic, but artfully-shot and purposeful film. DeNatale’s vocals also play a big role in the overall vibe of the music; his vocals are wrought with emotion and are often intense and incredibly powerful. DeNatale perfectly sells the energy and emotional impact needed to put these songs beautifully over the top.

Released in February 2016, Faint Peter’s full-length debut Redoubt was the perfect introduction for Faint Peter, with Joseph recruiting a whole host of great guest musicians to help bring this record to life. In our own review of Redoubt, we mentioned the LP sounded “an awful lot like a pared-down Fleet Foxes, and not in a bad way.” If you were gonna be compared to any indie folk giants, Fleet Foxes are a pretty great artist to manage to capture the spirit of. Our review ultimately concluded that Redoubt is “an impressively well-built album that balances influence and originality, its unpredictable nature and straightforward delivery making it hard to turn off.”

If local indie folk is your thing, Faint Peter cannot be overlooked. Sure, the market may be a little saturated in the Bandcamp age, but Faint Peter is another story. If you don’t believe us, give a listen to Redoubt and see for yourself.

You can follow Faint Peter on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and stream Redoubt below.

 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg
 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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