Review: The Shrike – ‘Chase The Sun’


A fiery and standout alternative rock band out of Portland, The Shrike are set to release their new EP, Chase The Sun, on October 19. The new release comes on the heels of the band’s hugely-successful 2015 self-titled debut album, an album which dished out a combination of alternative, melodious and hard-rocking songs, which were enhanced by Jamie Lynn Summerfield’s savvy chops on electric violin.

Chase The Sun introduces five new tracks, with several of the members taking part in all aspects of songwriting, giving the collection plenty of variety. The EP starts out with the title track, and is an upbeat, rocking way to set in motion the quality and strength throughout rest of the release. “The Great Silence” features a beautiful trumpet piece for the intro, written just for this song by Joe Good, who recorded and performed the section on here as well.

Songs “I AM” and “All I Know Is True” both include Jamie Lynn’s gift on the electric violin, yet both songs feature very different feels, with “I AM” being a harder-edged tune with powerful drum beats from drummer Darren Linder, while “All I Know Is True” is more of a love song, with Summerfield’s vocals comparable to that of Heart. “Candlelight” is very seductive with a bit of mystery, gently swaying the listeners back and forth. The Shrike’s guitarist, known as The Craw, plays beautifully throughout, but perhaps a bit too sparingly in places.

New member Roya Hellbender provides plenty of powerful lower-end grooves on the bass, making the link between harmony and rhythm fit together nicely and giving this EP a well-rounded experience for the listener.

Chase The Sun is a fantastic EP that is definitely worth a listen, especially if you have never listened to The Shrike before.

(You can sample music from The Shrike HERE via Reverbnation and check their Facebook page for purchase information.)

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