CD Review: The Shrike

The Shrike

CD Review: The Shrike

Portland based band The Shrike released their debut self-titled album in April 2015. The band is named after the iconic character in Dan Simmons’ classic Hyperion Cantos. Influenced by rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Heart, Alice In Chains and Queens Of The Stone Age, they have carved out an eclectic sound all their own. With a mixture of rock, a little metal, a lot of alternative and Jamie Lynn’s electric violin, they allow their sound to be even more unique.

This 10 song album has a firm rhythm base with Darren Linder on drums and Matt Sipes on bass. Guitarist, The Craw utilizes his talent by executing detailed guitar work and sturdy riffs throughout. Songs “Fall In Line” and “Turn It Off” provide the listener with a clear sound of their savvy.

Jamie Lynn’s fierce hand on the electric violin is amazing. She feverishly plays it hot and heavy in the song “Shark” and then beautiful and sweet in the song “Beneath The City”. Their songs are very descriptive, sparking vivid imagery in the mind. Songs such as “The Return” “Scar Tissue” and “Blue Nails” are deep and dark, as well as “Creeper” which, she hopefully creeps around on the stage floor while singing it live. It would be very fitting. This album is full of great songs that give plenty of time to the music, as well as the vocals, letting us hear what each musician contributes. Jamie Lynn has a beautiful voice, occasionally sounding like the Wilson sisters from the legendary Seattle band Heart – especially on “Spun”, which is the tune that will definitely bring the most comparisons to Heart. The most eccentric song on this album is “Nomad” which has the sound of wind, helicopters and shooting through the sky. The only vocals on this one are a few spoken words from Linder that are deep and haunting. This would make a wonderful movie sound track or backing track for a trailer.
The Shrike is a unique band and has a sound all of its own.

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Band members include:
Darren Linder – Drums, spoken word, samples
Jamie Lynn – Vocalist, electric violin
Matt Sipes – Bass, backing vocals
The Craw – Guitar, keys and backing vocals

Song List:
1. The Return
2. Fall in Line
3. Spun
4. Nomad
5. Scar Tissue
6. Creeper
7. Beneath the City
8. Blue Nails
9. Shark
10. Turn It Off

Apr 24 – Skylark Cafe, Seattle
Apr 25 – Dante’s, Portland
Recorded by Kevin Hahn at OPAL STUDIOS in Portland

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