Review: Goodbye Heart — ‘Keep Me Close’


In their new album entitled Keep Me Close, Seattle dream-pop duo Goodbye Heart transports listeners into an infatuating world that they won’t want to leave. Released on December 2nd, 2016 and mastered by Ed Brooks, the sounds of Goodbye Heart’s new record feel like drifting somewhere between reality and hallucination.

A different story is told on each of the 15 tracks, brought to life with catchy hooks and emotional vocals, starting with the first track, “Lives on Lives.” The song sounds fresh and new, thanks to a memorable electro-beat, but the vocals of Sam Ford are reminiscent of a different era, similar to that of Sting. Keep Me Close then ends with “Fledgling,” which features a mesmerizing tune and passionate lyrics which yearn for a simpler time.

The other 13 songs on the record are just as captivating as the two mentioned. Goodbye Heart expresses remembrance and desire through their music and lyrics. The words of each song are gritty and real, and the instrumentals behind them hold the same allure.

Nila Leigh’s voice is a key factor of bringing together the airy instrumentals and tone of Ford’s vocals. Sometimes used as a form of percussion and sometimes intertwining with Ford in beautiful harmony, Leigh adds another layer of depth to the music. When the sound of Leigh and Ford come together with a powerful synth beat, the result is pure musical magic.

This album was made to be listened to at night, and will bring to shore memories of beautiful moments in your life that you may have forgotten. The dark, beguiling mood that Goodbye Heart sets will have you pondering past, present, and future love, and what it means to truly be alive.

(You can listen to ‘Keep Me Close’ below, purchase the album on Bandcamp and/or get more info about Goodbye Heart on Facebook HERE.)

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