PREMIERE: Listen to ‘Stone’ by Seattle’s Soulful Songstress Whitney Mongé

Whitney Monge Featured

One of the things we really love to do around here is share new music with our fanbase and today we are honored to share the brand new EP, Stone  from one of our favorite northwest musicians, Whitney Mongé. 

The northwest is absolutely bursting at the seams right now with mega-talented female singers. In fact, We’ve been predicting that it will be the next huge thing for which Seattle and the greater region will be most noted. From Star Anna to Jamie Nova to Naomi Wachira and so many others, the list is endless. One of the names on the list of upper tier northwest singers is Whitney Mongé, and for good reason, her soulful brand of music just makes you feel better, no matter how good or bad you feel when you start out listening.

On Whitney’s new six-song release, titled Stone, releasing today, she demonstrates an ability to shake your body with fast-paced numbers such as “Good Things,” then immediately crushes your soul with the slow ballad “Stone,” which is reminiscent of the way Beth Hart sings the legendary Etta James material. Mongé uses her voice as a powerful instrument as the song crescendos before crashing back to earth in the softest way possible. The new EP is fantastic and we really hope you’ll support her and purchase it, at the very least, listen to it and fall in love with her music.

She’ll be at The Triple Door for release party along with one of our other favorites Ayron Jones. Get more information about that HERE.

Whitney Monge Release Party

(You can listen to ‘Stone’ below and support this artist by purchasing the album on Bandcamp and/or get more info about Whitney Mongé on Facebook HERE.)

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