Premiere: Listen to “Side Street” from A.M. Sokoll

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new single called “Side Street” from A.M. Sokoll, an artist with a sound we think you are gonna dig.

“Side Street” is a song about false hope. Inspired by a true interaction in the basement of a dance club, A.M. Sokoll wrote this song to reflect on the ways we cope with mental and emotional barriers and our belief these methods will fix us. With its somber piano, blaring horns and pounding drums, “Side Street” is coming after you, and you can’t outrun it.

A.M. Sokoll’s debut single might be a bit hard to find a genre tag for but one thing for sure, it’s an impressive piece of work for a debut offering. “Side Street” is oozing with an epic rock opera vibe and it should get northwest ears perked up to see what he’s got up his sleeve next.

(Check out “Side Street” below and get more info about A.M. Sokoll HERE.)

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