Review: The Macks — Happy Camper

Happy Camper- The Macks

Rowdy guitar solos, long instrumental interludes, and intelligent lyrics: all of the above and more can be found in The Macks’ latest EP, Happy Camper. Released on August 20th, 2016, and mastered by Gus Elg, this Portland four-piece’s newest release is a golden addition to the flourishing community of up and coming alternative rock records in the Pacific Northwest.

With so many bands trying to make it big in the alt-rock world, what sets The Macks apart from anyone else? The hint of blues fused into each song gives an edge over their competitors, and the true creativity and passion that emanates from their EP is hard to find anywhere else.

Although The Macks are relative newcomers to the industry, their music displays the maturity of an expert in every aspect. Not only is each guitar solo delivered with the experience of a veteran, but the unique vocals of Sam Fulwiler are conveyed with confidence and understanding.
The Macks aren’t afraid to take risks, either. Happy Camper features minute-long episodes dedicated to the sounds of intertwining electric guitar melodies and inventive changes of tempo mid-song that add to the musical merit they possess.

Each member of The Macks acted as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that could only be completed when the four pieces came together. The overall sound of the Happy Camper EP could not have been possible without each element of the music triumphing by itself, and once all put together, The Macks succeeded in creating a playful and personal record that any music lover would enjoy.

(You can listen to Happy Camper below via Bandcamp, and get more info about The Macks at their website HERE.)  

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