PREMIERE: Listen to “Talk Cheap” by Black Giraffe

Black Girrafe

Today on Northwest Music Scene we are premiering a song called “Talk Cheap” by Black Giraffe. Black Giraffe is a pop/Rock/Soul band from Seattle making music to dance weird to.

“Talk Cheap” is flawed soul for flawed souls. It’s a clear eyed look at the inherent contradictions of being human; addiction, and contentment, violence, and altruism, love and heartbreak. Working through these things can bury people in anger, and anxiety or it can be incredibly rewarding, and uplifting. “Talk Cheap” is imbued with a sense of Joy, and positive energy to encourage the latter. Kansas was written while driving cross-country to see a friend before they die. Exploring what it means to be there for someone when they really need it. Plus it’s funky.

(You can listen to the premier of “Talk Cheap” below and get more info about Black Giraffe on Facebook HERE.)

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