Review: Golden Idols — Holy Smokes!

Golden Idols

Holy Smokes!, has a surf rock nature with a beach goth attitude. The sophomore album from Seattle based band, Golden Idols was released Jan. 14 via Wild Brunch Records.

Retro opening track “Somewhere Deep,” is a fun, toe-tapper you can dance to. The upbeat energy combined with the lyrical content can be described as a morbid version of Vampire Weekend. ”All Alone” resembled Arctic Monkeys circa Humbug era, from Patrick Broz’s vocals, to the bass line melody, to the riffs, to the subtle tambourine flare. The pace slows down a bit with an ever so electric guitar solo accompanied by a doo-wop reminiscent chorus, brought to you by the backup vocals of all the band members, and organ-like keys.

Only a little over three and a half minutes, “I’ll Be There,” is the most dynamic track on the record. It is psych rock ballad that lures you in with distorted, wavvy guitar melody.  There is a layered and prismatic guitar solo before the track ends with the distorted guitar riff it started with. “Just The Three of Us” is the perfect modern age love song. It has a blissfully sweet quality while still being able to convey the confusion and drama of romance perfectly. This love triangle of a track could easily fit in a record from the The Growlers.

“And Then You Cry” is the letter that you meant to send to your ex but instead turned into a musical production set in the wild west. On “Lock It Up Tight,” Broz sings: nobody cares if you’re hurting inside / just put on a pretty face and go out tonight. This track plays out a post heartbreak scenario everyone has been through. Your inner self tells you to go out despite your bleeding heart. Many drinks later along with cringeworthy new additions to your phone’s photo album you realize life goes on.

Overall, Golden Idol’s latest effort takes on the ups and downs of love though a humorous and raw tone. Such as, going to the beach together to dump the bodies. If you thought California owned beach goth and surf rock, think again.

Golden Idols is Broz on lead vocals and guitar, Eric Peterson on guitar and keys, Jewel Loree on bass, and Saba Samakar on drums.

(You can listen to Holy Smokes! below via Bandcamp, and get more info about Golden Idol on Facebook HERE.) 

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