Review: Mississippi Jones — Continuum III

Continuum III

It’s not every day that a collection of music is released that can not only be heard, but felt. Seattle’s Mississippi Jones has succeeded in doing just that in their upcoming EP, Continuum III. The electropop duo’s release will be available to the public on March 6th, 2017, and this exciting, vibrant EP isn’t something that you’ll want to miss.

Continuum III continues a saga of EPs that Mississippi Jones has recorded within the past year. Each EP includes just four songs, but combined, every song comes together as a cohesive piece of art.

Focusing on the third EP, each song possesses an aura not quite of this world. There is a distant beauty to Continuum III that will make you feel complete isolation, like quietly drifting through space. The slightly muffled and unique vocals of Mississippi Jones add a quiet refinement to each song on the record that hypnotizes listeners into serenity.

Each track off of Continuum III showcases a different skill that the dreamy duo dominates in. While track four, “Butterfly on The Battlefield” maintains an invigorating, empowering beat, the third song, “You Say You Want a Revolution” flourishes in intertwining acoustic instruments with psychedelic, dreamlike electronic accents. The impressive versatility of this EP makes sure that you’ll never know what to expect next in any song they release.

Continuum III will take you on an aural adventure through time and space. Its beguiling charm makes you want to listen to every song over and over again. In this upcoming release, Mississippi Jones will enrich you, mystify you, and inspire you throughout each and every song.

(Watch the video for “You Say You Want a Revolution” below. Continuum III will be available for purchase digitally March 6, 2017 via Bandcamp HERE.) 

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