100 Bands in 100 Days Presented by Verity Credit Union — Day 8: KLAW

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Artwork by Seattle-area painter E.R. Saba

Music fans of the Pacific Northwest, get ready for our fifth annual year-end daily local music showcase, 100 Bands in 100 Days, where every day until December 31st, we’re showcasing a new band or artist you have to know about, once again presented by Verity Credit Union.

Make sure you are checking the #100Bands100Days hashtag on Twitter on a daily basis to stay on top of all the bands featured and be sure to follow Verity and NW_Music_Scene there. Some days the featured act could be an established and locally-adored northwest-based musician and other times they could be a band with a small following that just hasn’t had their deserved time in the spotlight yet. Either way, we’re fairly confident you can come away from this daily segment with plenty of new favorites. Today’s featured band is KLAW.

About the band: 

KLAW started in 2011 as a long time idea turned musical collaboration with friends Justin Williams and Casey Cunningham. Jamming in Casey’s basement in what is now referred to as the old KLAW Kave the band was first known as Doktor Klaw with members Darin Sorenson on drums, Jean Greagor on bass and David York on second guitar with Williams on lead guitar and Cunningham on vocals. KLAW’s first show was at the Funhouse in May 2011. KLAW recorded their first EP called “The Doktor is out” with Tad [Doyle] in spring 2012. By mid-2012 the Doktor was dropped from the name. Jean moved to second guitar and added Josh “Da Gorilla” Danford on bass. KLAW then went on a playing frenzy, setting up shows all over Washington creating roots with in the PNW rock scene.

Summer of 2013 KLAW saw the departure of beloved drummer Darin. KLAW had some hefty shoes to fill and went on a 4 month search to find their next drummer. Casey ended up asking a coworker Ruben Lara Mozzochi who said he played little drums to try out. What KLAW didn’t know is that they were pulling out of retirement one of Seattle’s best drummers. Ruben nailed the audition and was quickly a main stay in the band.

With the arrival of his first child beloved guitarist Jean had to bow out of the band in 2014. KLAW then made a decision to be a four piece. Now slimmed down and ready for action KLAW started focusing on their first full length album. Recording started in January 2015 at Earwig studios in Georgetown run by the amazing recording engineer Don Farwell. The album is a culmination of songs form the past five years of the band. KLAW finished recording in spring of 15. KLAW was lucky enough to get amazing horror artist Nick Gucker to do all the art on the album. The self-titled KLAW album was released in July of 2015 to great acclaim within the Seattle rock and metal scene. KLAW and Green River Thrillers toured the west coast in the summer of 2016.

Having played with many of Seattle and Washington’s great rock and metal bands, KLAW is quickly gaining momentum with in the PNW music scene. KLAW also hosts a yearly Toys for Tots Benefit called Noise 4 Toys. It is held on the first weekend in December at the Substation. KLAW went back in to the studio late 2017 and looks forward to releasing their long awaited sophomore album in late 2018.

We reviewed the self-titled album back in 2016 and here’s some of what we had to say:

New finders of the Seattle-based stoner metal/thrash band are in for a journey of moody, melodic ups and downs, mixed with heavy metal madness. Those who like the grungy tones of Kyuss but want a little more pep in their Fu ManChu-esque trips down the road are likely to enjoy this punchy array of crunchy songs. Energizing crowd-favorites “Fun Police” and “Trucker” sit like the meat in a double-decker sandwich between the hypnotizing smoothness of “Lost Cosmonaut,“ “Greater Good” and “Parole.” Good for cruising down the 5 or pre-funking in your van, KLAW sets the perfect tone for headbanging and smoking bowls. I mean, really, listen to it! How can you even help yourself? It’s as if it’s demanding it!

Sounds like perfect music to listen to on a Sunday as the northwest transitions from summer to fall, so check this band out and get ready for their new release later this year.

Catch them live:

Check their Facebook page and/or the Substation website for more information as it becomes available about December’s Noise For Toys event.


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