PREMIERE: Watch Cata Hari’s Video for “Neon Oyster”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a brand new video for “Neon Oyster” by Cata Hari. 

Cata Hari is a Seattle-based motion designer who is interested in exploring the relationship between animation and sound. Her latest release, Milky Way, is a concept album about a space mission that goes terribly wrong. The album starts off as an upbeat and quirky homage to synth-pop, 8-bit video game soundtracks, and 90’s dance beats before taking an abrupt turn towards melancholy and despair. “Neon Oyster” is a conceptual take on the phenomenon of “space madness” and the mental maladies that occur from claustrophobic isolation in space.

(Watch “Neon Oyster” below via Vimeo, and get more info about Cata Hari on Instagram HERE and on Bandcamp HERE.) 

Cata Hari – Neon Oyster from Cata Hari on Vimeo.

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