Review: KLAW Satisfies New- and Long-Time Fans With Self-Titled Debut


Long-time lovers of the band KLAW are in for a treat with self-titled debut KLAW. The boys have brought you all the favorites, served up as a deceptively easy ride through time, space, and the bizzaro space in your mind. “We want you to be able to take a thirty-eight minute KLAW space cruise,” says Casey Cunningham, whose haunting vocals echo over heavy punctuations and crisp wails from Justin William’s lead guitar. Ruben Lara Mozzochi sets a relentless heartbeat matched only by the speeding thumps of Josh “Gorilla” Danford’s bass.

New-finders of the Seattle-based stoner metal/thrash band are in for a journey of moody, melodic ups and downs, mixed with heavy metal madness. Those who like the grungy tones of Kyuss but want a little more pep in their Fu ManChu-esque trips down the road are likely to enjoy this punchy array of crunchy songs. Energizing crowd-favorites “Fun Police” and “Trucker” sit like the meat in a double-decker sandwich between the hypnotizing smoothness of “Lost Cosmonaut,“ “Greater Good” and “Parole.” Good for cruising down the 5 or prefunking in your van, KLAW sets the perfect tone for headbanging and smoking bowls. I mean, really, listen to it! How can you even help yourself? It’s as if it’s demanding it!

KLAW was recorded with Don Farwell at Earwig Studio, formerly located in Georgetown (currently moving to a new facility in Wallingford) and released July 11, 2015. “Don came very well referenced. We really liked what he had done on other band’s albums. He has a great ear, really works with your vision, and has the best bedside manner in the recording game,” says vocalist Casey Cunningham. The album features guest vocals from Stereo Creeps’ Sean Moe and Ian Etheridge, whose contributions help to seal the deal of awesomeness.

(KLAW is available through KLAW’s Bandcamp page.)

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