WORLD PREMIERE: Watch Tai Shan’s Empowering Music Video for “Stubborn Girls”


Seattle indie singer-songwriter Tai Shan wants girls to make history. A standout voice in Pacific Northwest indie folk and Seattle’s vast music scene in general, the prestigious solo musician recently created a music video for her brand new single, titled “Stubborn Girls.” The visually-told story set to Tai Shan’s inspiring folk-pop track is a powerful and moving music video which was made in response to the famous and oft-quoted Laurel Thatcher Ulrich phrase, “well-behaved women seldom make history.” Not just a revered musician in her home base of Seattle, Shan is also known for and makes her living touring the globe and teaching women of all ages and walks of life to feel empowered through the art of music. Tai’s dedication to and intense passion for liberation of women, young and old, is admirable and heartwarming, and this drive manifests itself in the conceptual music video for “Stubborn Girls,” which we’re excited to get to share with the world this morning.

Fifth grader Sanae Loutsis stars in the lead role of this short tale of a young female grade school student who goes through her everyday life not caring about playing by our world’s age-old rules, taking the stereotype of the demure, pushover young girl and breaking it over her knee before throwing it back in society’s face. The bulk of the music video shows us the typical daily routine of this charmingly stubborn young girl, as she’s called into the principal’s office at school for misbehaving, before eventually having enough and leaving the principal’s office while he’s in the middle of scolding her. The whole music video is essentially a build-up to its grand and feel-good climax, in which Sanae’s character attends a live concert being held by a fictional band (more like supergroup) of notable female musicians, shot on location at the Rendezvous music hall and theater.

With Tai Shan backed up by Morgan Gilkeson (the Seattle musician and visionary who founded and runs the beloved weekly Mo’ Jam Mondays at the Nectar Lounge, a sort of get-together for Seattle artists of all kinds) on drums, Moe Provencher (leading member of folk rock duo MoZo, as well as a recording engineer at the Jack Straw Cultural Center’s studio recording division, and whom recorded Shan’s 2014 single “Cool to Be Weird”) on bass duties, and Rani Weatherby (frontwoman of the northwest’s defining Ukulele Soul band Champagne Honeybee) rounding things out on synths and backing vocals, this scene plays out naturally and with a lot of heart.

“The audience scene at the end is completely female — all-female band, all-female audience,” Shan said regarding the music video’s climax. “The band is made up of top Seattle woman musicians. We worked hard to get the final show scene to work that way.” We have to imagine that if this fictional band were to actually form and release original material in the real world, Seattle itself would probably implode from too much concentrated awesomeness occurring in one place at the same time.

Watch the music video for “Stubborn Girls” below, and make sure to keep up with Tai Shan via her Facebook page or her official website,

 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg
 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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