WORLD PREMIERE: John Dillon – ‘The Lost Estate’


This morning, we’d like to share with you the debut full-length record from up-and-coming alt-pop outfit John DillonThe Lost Estate, released through Plume Records. Featuring members of fellow Seattle bands Tomten and the now-disbanded Kithkin, John Dillon is a new experimental pop band fronted by singing-songwriting mad genius Dillon Sturtevant.

Recorded in 2014 with sound engineer Andy Meyer and co-produced by Meyer and Sturtevant, The Lost Estate is a record with a impressively wide array of influences. Everything from hypnagogic pop to new wave to dream pop to noise pop shows up on the album in some way, shape or form. Though there’s obviously a very poppy, immediate sensibility to a lot of what happens on this LP, it’s all filtered through a diverse and kaleidoscopic lens.

Those of you interested in owning the LP on vinyl and/or digitally, you can pre-order the LP through Plume Records’ online store. You can stream the LP below via SoundCloud, before anywhere else in the world.

 photo Cherry Poppin Daddies 280_zpspibhrtre.jpg

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