Review: Casual Hex’s ‘Fleshed Out’: Dark, Distorted Post-Punk


Seattle-based trio Casual Hex brings a unique spin to post-punk, and their newest work Fleshed Out proves that members Erica Miller, Jessie Odell, and Nick Anderson have earned their spot as well-respected members of Seattle’s DIY scene.

“Sacred Plush” kicks off the whole LP, combining unique and cloudy vocals created with an octave-down pedal and a sludgy bass line to create a dark and eerie sound. “Sacred Plush” sets up the tone for Fleshed Out, establishing a sort of muddled tone to be carried throughout the album, all while staying true to Casual Hex’s take on the genre.

The highlight of Fleshed Out for me is the song “Skin Suit.” The song is an updated rendition of a song off Casual Hex’s earlier work Sex Cells, and it puts on display just how much the trio has grown and refined their sound for this project. This newest version of “Skin Suit” shows how Casual Hex and the engineers at Office Space decided to put more of an emphasis on Miller’s vocals, with a clearer guitar line and crisper drums, all while keeping the same bass section that makes the song so dark.

“Ego Sick” starts fast, almost overwhelmingly layered with a distortion effect. After a few seconds of this rush, everything slows down simultaneously to highlight some (by comparison) crisper notes, only to go back to the fast chorus and hazy bass lines.

Fleshed Out impressively reinforces the trio’s dynamic, drenched in distorted effects and spooky vocals, and makes for a perfect case for the band burgeoning in Seattle’s bustling DIY scene. Watch out for Casual Hex around town, as they are playing very worthwhile shows throughout Seattle in the coming months.

(Fleshed Out is available to purchase via Casual Hex’s Bandcamp page for $5. You can stream the track “Skin Suit” below.)

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