Video Premiere: Watch “Who You Are” by Moon Palace

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new video for “Who You Are from Seattle’s Moon Palace.

If you are looking for something to boost your spirits as we trudge through these uncertain times, this new video from Moon Palace should do the trick.

“We have become much more collaborative as a band over the last three years. Prior to the pandemic we were listening to a lot of Sonic Youth, The Gossip, Talking Heads, Duran Duran, Big Thief and sending each other text messages with their songs so that we could listen to sounds that inspired us at practice together. Social isolation has brought a new challenge in collaboration. Cat, Jude, and one of their best friends and video editor Lindsay Martin sat around on a sunny spring day during a socially distanced backyard hang and talked about creating a video to show their experience in Seattle during the pandemic. We asked our friend group to send 10 second video clips that portray their experience in isolation. We hoped to gain clips documenting our collective reality to show joy and bring comfort and delight to viewers. We also felt nostalgia for playing live in our favorite music venues such as The Tractor Tavern, Clock-Out Lounge, The Wildrose and so many more. Shut down venues and the incredible murals have center stage in this video. The song was chosen because it received KEXP Song of the Day and we thought the first line, “We’re divided in this space” resonated with our current situation.”

The song is about navigating difficult or volatile relationships and questioning if the other person is truly showing who they are and/or allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

(Check out “Who You Are” below via YouTube and get more information about Moon Palace HERE.) 

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