The Baggage from Sleepypilot, Energetic, Real, Music.

sleepypilot4The Baggage is the latest from a super talented trio named Sleepypilot from the 253. Their name might lead you to believe they are tired but we can assure you they are anything but that. The baggage is full of energetic real music. One moment it’s a swampy roots/blues-rock influenced tune and the next moment it’s musical manna from electronic heaven.

This 5 song EP is the second release from the singer and guitarist Sean “The Dominator” VanDommelen and his bandmates Jason Bair (drums, electronic sounds) & Greg Magee (Bass).

I have followed this band very closely since the beginning, well, in fact from before it was an actual band. Sean had started with this Sleepypilot idea when he was still in another local band. He would send me the rough tracks that he’d record on his own and let me listen to them. From the first tune I heard, I knew he was onto something great and to watch it further evolve into a roots-rock monster like this is quite rewarding. I for one love the direction this band is heading. If the The Black Keys and The Black Keys had a kid…it would be Sleepypilot.

The band drops the throttle out of the gate with the guitar driven rocker “Control” and then they back off just a touch for “Follow You” , which is heavy roots rock.  VanDommelen is a fantastic guitar player and he leans on that heavily throughout this release and why not? But…he is not a one-trick pony, he has mad skills when it comes to electronic music. He does a brilliant job of combining two completely different styles, in fact this could have been a serious disaster. I don’t think just anyone could pull this off but he did. Make no mistake, Sean is as talented as they come in the northwest, hell anywhere for that matter. With Greg and Jason providing a super tight and solid  lower end, Sean has the ability to roam freely and that he does. They end this great EP with a fun song called La La La, which has great retro sound and an intro that is Zeppelin-esque.

Do your ears a favor and get this feel good release.

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Track listing:
1. Control
2. Follow You
3. See Me Alive
4. Don’t Wait
5. La La La

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