Concert Review: Volbeat, Anthrax and Crobot bring the Heat to Wamu

VolbeatVolbeat, hailing from Denmark, took the stage Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at the WaMu Theater in Seattle. Touring for the second year in a row in support of their 2013 release of ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’ the Danish band is still drawing large crowds with loyal followers. In early 2013 Rob Caggiano decided to leave Anthrax so that he could work more with record production. Volbeat chose to have Caggiano produce their 2013 album. Rob was so impressed with the band, he decided to accept the invitation to join them as their lead guitarist. Rob fit in seamlessly with the other band members.

Before Volbeat, Michael Poulsen was in a death metal band called Dominus. Clearly, Volbeat decided on a radical and profitable change in their musical direction. The current mix of rockabilly, metal, and country music has formed a blend that is uniquely their own.

With record sales being high, and fans willing to hear the same music as the previous year, Volbeat are definitely here to stay. During the band’s set, they performed a “yet to be titled song” for the rowdy crowd. Poulsen stated to the crowd “if you like this song we will be back, if you don’t we will stay in Denmark.” From the crowds response, this is not the last Seattle has seen of Volbeat.

Scott IanIt had to be strange for Rob Caggiano to watch his old bandmates in Anthrax take the stage without him. Rob could be found in the crowd talking with people prior to the show beginning. The lights went down and out came the legendary thrash metal band. Joey Belladonna and Scott Ian may have aged a little in appearance, yet deliver an amazing performance.

Charlie Benante, absent from this leg of the tour while recovering from Carpal Tunnel surgery is working on the album that will be released in late 2015 or early 2016. Frank Bello, and Jonathan Donais rounded out the line up for the band that hails from New York and has been considered one of the biggest thrash metal bands of the last thirty years.

Anthrax had the entire floor crowd of the WaMu Theater jumping, throwing up their horns, and singing along to their greatest hits. The band performed a tribute to legendary metal icons Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrell Abbott with their song “In The End” off of the 2011 release of ‘Worship Music.’ Belladonna called for all fans to raise their metal horns high in remembrance of the two metal titans. Pictures of Ronnie James, and Dimebag Darrell were displayed on the stage throughout the song. Fans obliged in true metal fashion.

CrobotCrobot hailing from Pottsville, PA opened the show with their curious blend of psychedelic funk rock. Vocalist Brandon Yeagley, looked like he had been teleported from 1970 directly onto the stage. Fans not familiar with Crobot, were not sure how a band with half the members sporting bellbottoms, were going to get them revved up for Anthrax. By the end of their set Crobot had clearly changed their minds.

With a funky, soulful, heavy sound Crobot was quick to gain the fans interest. By the end of the performance fans were screaming for more. Between the guitar slinging, and acrobatic stage antics, the musical performance was strong and provided concert goers with plenty to keep them entertained.

Volbeat, Anthrax, and Crobot will be on their spring 2015 tour through June 2, 2015.

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Charla Stephenson

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