Big Wheel Stunt Show Takes us on Another Thrill Ride With Wonderful Life

bigwheelstuntshow2The Big Wheel Stunt Show is a band that is going backwards.  So backwards.  But in the most beautiful of ways. They  have embarked on a journey into a time when music was pure, raw and didn’t need to be over-produced to be fantastic.  And these 3 chaps make some fantastic music. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs  since 2010 when I heard a song called “Stuck Here, Once Again”. I thought the song was as good as or better than anything I was hearing  on the radio at the time and that’s probably still true.


Their last CD Cheetah Milque had some super badass songs on it as well like “When The Mountain Blows”, an epic  slide guitar piece that will still make anyone with a pulse stomp their feet.  Evan Nagle is an absolute beast on the guitar and can shred with the best of them.  If you have never seen him live I suggest you stop what you are doing right now and Google him or go to a show, yeah do that, get to a show and see him. While you’re there check out Justin “The Gimmer” on the skins and his side kick Jake  throwin’ down on his Rickenbacker bass as good as anyone else around here.  Anyways, enough gushing about these fuckers(inside joke) and how killer they are as musicians.


With this 11 song release,  these guys are baring their souls and expressing what life means to them through music.  The song Bad Thing is a number that reminds me of some 1950’s rockabilly. Jake is just hammering away on the bass and Gimmer is laying down a driving beat….really, they are just trying to keep up with Evan or he’s trying to keep up with them. Either way …what a fun tune to listen to. Even funner live. (Hint, hint)  Don’t Mind Ya totally made me flash back to early Deep Purple. To Believe In is all about soul, played in the southern style. South, as in the 253!  And then we have Soul and Sound, this one could have easily came out in the sixties but for some strange reason still sounds relevant today….oh wait I know why, because it’s just raw music in it’s purest form. And we need more of this.  There is so much to love on this CD and I highly recommend you get a copy of your very own and get to their next show.

Track Listing:

1. Wonderful Life

2. Bad Thing

3. Bud’der

4. School of False

5. Don’t Mind Ya

6. The Landing/the Lights

7. Jakes Black Rainbow (of Unicorn Death)

8. Situations

9. Milque and Honey

10. To Believe In

11. Soul and Sound


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