Seattle Pride Announces Musical Lineup for Volunteer Park Pride Festival

Seattle Pride is kicking off this year’s Pride celebration with the annual Volunteer Park Pride Festival from noon to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 8 in Seattle. The event is Pride’s annual celebration of queer arts, music, performance and culture. The free event will feature a beer garden, food trucks, local crafts fair, sponsor and community nonprofit informational booths, and is highlighted by live concert performances.

The can’t-miss music lineup, which celebrates LGBTQ+ arts, features nationally recognized local artists. The festival will be hosted by popular drag queen Betty Wetter, KEXP’s Marco Collins, and DJ Kirk known for his disco, house R&B, and dance beats – and will be headlined by Seattle-based band and phenomenon, Thunderpussy.

Thunderpussy’s quartet—Molly Sides [vocals], Whitney Petty [guitar], Leah Julius [bass], and Ruby Dunphy [drums]— breaks through all rock ‘n’ roll stereotypes. The band’s highly popular self-titled debut album Thunderpussy [Stardog Records/Republic Records] produced by Sylvia Massy, features their hit single Speed QueenThe track begins with a revving engine and arena-size percussion before snapping into a muscular and majestic riff and vocal proclamation, “Long live the Speed Queen.” Certain to draw audiences to the Festival, Thunderpussy is expected to deliver an unforgettable performance.

The highly anticipated musical lineup also includes:

  • Left at London – a trans woman known for her intimate and accessible pop writing sensibility as well as her introspective lyricism focused on subject matter specific to her life.
  • SassyBlack – an unexplored galaxy made of fist-pump, funk, and beat-fertility known for her blend of experimental hip-hop, unpredictable syncopation and neon-womanism.
  • Whitney Mongé – raised with rhythm and blues in her blood, her powerful smoky voice and guitar playing draws in listeners, coining her own genre, Alternative Soul.
  • J GRGRY – a musician that elicits joyous inclusiveness and challenges the status quo, his mighty melodies bring people together.

To learn more about the Volunteer Park Pride Festival and other Pride-related events, visit and follow Seattle Pride on Facebook and Instagram at @SeattlePride, and on Twitter at @OurSeattlePride.

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