Review: The Hugs’ Aptly-Titled ‘Feelings of Life’ Realistically Reflects Mortality


Sometimes a band puts out a release that just captures life in a snapshot – the highs, the lows, the anguish, the pain, and of course all the good stuff that makes life worth living. Feelings of Life is one such record. The Hugs wrap you with open welcome arms into their soundscape. The Hugs are on the record label Mope Records, and members Danny Delegato, Skyler Weaver, Davey Appaloosa, and Calvin Berkenbile are serving up their fourth (and debatably best) full-length studio album. This trippy psychedelic post-pop opus is filled with anthemic beats and rich harmonies.

This album takes you on a journey that is warm, a little exploratory, familiar, and full of great tunes. Much like life, Feelings of Life encompasses many of the feelings felt on this shared journey. “Wherever You Go” has such a great feel to it, with huge open chords and a charming wide-eyed wonder. “Want You Now” has that haunting urgency that plagues us all at some point or another. Its saturated riffs and moody hooks don’t just hint at that ‘want,’ but blast that feeling right home in a way that more than satisfies. “Fearless” is a great track that has that attack of abandon and lust for life. Like life, this album has a few low points, namely “Beautiful Hour” and “Lost Angel,” but they aren’t bad, they’re good tracks to just reflect and think on life in general.

There’s a cathartic feeling to the track “Deja Vu,” and “Pointless Grudge” is in the same vein, a great statement on staying angry over stupid things in life. The album ends with “Colorful Clouds from Mars” which in a way kind of sums up life here on earth. We’re full of color, a bit foreign from the other life, and like clouds only here for a moment and then gone.

(Feelings of Life is available starting 3/25 via their website and other outlets. Get it and experience the journey of The Hugs. In the meantime, stream the music video for “Wherever You Go” below.)

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