Sorority Noise Coming to Chop Suey with Remo Drive, Foxx Bodies on March 18th

Sorority Noise are a four-piece indie/punk/emo band from Hartford, Connecticut that formed in 2013. The band was formed by members of Old Gray and Two Humans, though Sorority Noise certainly hold their own and stand out from their other projects. They’ve kept busy in the two years they’ve been active, and their sole full-length Forgettable is anything but that.

Sorority Noise play an energetic but emotionally disenchanted brand of punk, with a lot of heavily distorted parts mixed in with more subtle melodies. Their choruses are super catchy, with very personal lyrics that never get too melodramatic or corny, but still incredibly relatable. Though the band isn’t without their own respective influences, the minute you hear Sorority Noise you’ll hear the distinction from the aforementioned bands. These guys have put out some incredible material that has pushed them past being just a “side-project”, and they continue to garner more and more attention.

Conceived in suburban Minnesota, openers Remo Drive deliver a high energy punky brand of Midwestern emo that received eager early online support after the release of their album Greatest Hits. Special guests Foxx Bodies will also be opening the night.

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