Review: Henry Mansfield & The Bearded Scooter Gang Bring Piano Rock Back with a Vengeance on ‘Aside’ EP


Multi-instrumentalist Henry Mansfield & The Bearded Scooter Gang released their latest feat of a project, Aside, on July 29th. Filled with inspirational chords and layered with horns, accordions and a unique electronic piano quality, Aside leaves listeners feeling full with a feathery singer-songwriter-esque sound paired with unique and captivating lyrics.

Mansfield and the Scooter Gang really show their talent with a contrasting variety of instrumental and tempo styles. The fun and upbeat sound on “Smallest Possible Eyes” features sounds that are primarily light and hopeful, with a building tempo and piano presence. In contrast, the song “Breathy Bellows” takes the mood down and features an expertly recorded and incorporated accordion, and a driving bass line to compliment the slower and more melancholy sound.

One of the highlights of the collection is the song “Mr. Milford,” where Mansfield takes on a fast tempo and prevalent piano to pair with a complex accordion melody; throw in some energetic “HEY”s, and you’ve got yourself an energetic tale of a song.

This latest project by the local collective proves to be a complex, multi-faceted, and dynamic album from a young and promising group. Aside manages to pull off a unique sound layered with a variety of instruments and tones, all while keeping a coherent vibe paired with stories worth a ledger.

(Aside is available at via a name-your-price option. You can stream the EP below.)

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