Priory Engage With Energetic Opener For Kaiser Chiefs

Photo Credit: Jiro Schneider
Photo Credit: Jiro Schneider

Priory, who released their first full length “Need To Know” through Warner Brother’s Records earlier this month, opened for the Kaiser Chief’s to a modest Wednesday night crowd at The Showbox on April 22.. The venue’s red lights and chandeliers provided a relaxed atmosphere as the midweek concert goers mozied and chatted about pre-show.

That relaxed atmosphere changed immediately as Priory entered stage left, red solo cup in hand, giggling to one another while they prepared their instruments, making it clear to anyone in the audience they were in for a good time.
Opening with “Call To Arms” a thumping club pop song with a four on the floor kick drum beat, the Portland, Oregon electropop trio excited, singing “it’s a call to arms, shots in the air!” prompting the bar audience to raise their glasses and cheers to the band’s request.

Photo Credit: Jiro Schneider
Photo Credit: Jiro Schneider

And while it still seemed apparent that the majority of the crowd was there to behold veteran Brit rockers Kaiser Chiefs, Priory quickly impressed the Seattle audience and maintained a professional, engaging and confident set with little to no self promotion of their recent album, merch, social media platforms or song back-stories. Instead Priory engaged the crowd through their music, and a with a little interaction. Priory’s set culminated in lead singer Brandon Rush requesting the arms of the Showbox strangers below as they crowd surfed him through their closer, the dancey “Mother Mary.”

Even though it wasn’t a weekend show, Priory were able to impress, make a great deal of new fans and give any old ones plenty to look forward to. “If you think we’re good, just wait for Kaiser Chiefs, they actually know how to play their instruments.” That revealing if not humbling statement should provide anyone with the hope that Priory are just getting started and we are in for an exciting emergence of high energy, upbeat powerpop which should finely compliment the Northwest Music Scene’s already eclectic and diverse assortment of artists to choose from.

Alex Stanilla

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