The End of an Era in Tacoma…The Final Show at Hell’s Kitchen

Hells Kitchen Stage

The marquee read “Thanks Tacoma for the last ten great years, goodbye“.

Metalheads in the south end got treated to a full night of free music, cold beer and tall tales, all  in the name of love for the beloved fallen venue, Hell’s Kitchen. It’s actually even weird writing this because I was just there last night and it hasn’t set in yet. Of course. it’s part of the deal, clubs come and go, change names, change owners when someone comes up with a NEW idea to make their venue the best there ever was. The Hell’s Kitchen formula was however pretty simple, mop the floors with beer and invite the best bands in the northwest metal community and beyond  to come out and play.  For a decade that’s what happened. First at the historic 6th Ave location, then the last couple years in the downtown  spot that never really felt like home like the other place did but it was still Hell’s Kitchen.

Last night at the send off party, 7 bands showed up to bid a fantastic farewell to the owners, employees and the fans that made HK what it was. Bands like Witchburn & Neutralboy threw down bigtime, as did Deathbed Confessions, Moron Bros. Absence of Grace, all of them setting up the epic bloody finale with Hell’s Kitchen legends Church Of Hate.

Pacific Ave out in front of the venue was packed pretty good for most of the night as people were coming and going, stopping in and saying goodbye to the venue and the people that ran the joint.  Inside the club , tears were shed, beer was sprayed and blood was spilled(fake blood of course)….I know the tears part doesn’t sound very metal but rest assured it was very metal.

This is truly the end of an era but it no doubt is the beginning of something else.

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