Premiere: Listen to ‘Stay Evil’ EP by Black Ends

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a kickass new EP called Stay Evil by Black Ends.

Here’s some of what we had to say in our review of Stay Evil:

Her new, four song EP, Stay Evil, scratches as her best joint work. Cover art and song inclusion birth a unity skimmed and hinted on from prior Black Ends’ singles and demos. Joined again by Ben Swanson (bass/keys) and Jonny Modes (drums), the trio rounds out a stentorian punk aesthetic. 

Bent and laser-like guitar notes and anticipatory drumming motors “Stay Evil” towards the edge of a gravelly drop off and follower “Monday Mourning” carries a similar pitch flub towards the cliff. Swims’ vocal flexibility (a gritty Sam Phillips) rides atop the band’s thrusty dynamic gutter sprawl.

(Check out Stay Evil below via Bandcamp and get more info about Black Ends HERE.) 

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