Premiere: Listen to “Persephone” by March to May

Photo by Kimberly Loomis

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is “Persephone” by March to May, a talented Seattle based duo who is making a name for themselves by melding elements of folk pop and chamber pop, while adding touches of indie rock to the mix.

Shimmering and energetic, “Persephone” captures the idea that sometimes you can only find your real place in life by letting go of where you thought you were supposed to be — and the fear and joy inherent in forging your own path.

Produced by Martin Feveyear (Brandi Carlile, Kings of Leon, Damien Jurado), What I Was and More integrates tight harmonies and folk instrumentation with chamber pop and indie rock influences to create an emotionally dynamic sound that’s rich in color and texture.

“We wrote the album while we were going through significant changes in our personal lives, finished tracking the night before our studio (and the world) shut down for COVID-19, and mixed it remotely in a world still in a state of uncertainty. The songs center around a theme of creative destruction and transformation, and if ever there was a time to turn those things into strengths, it’s now.” – March to May

(Check out “Persephone” below and get more info about March to May HERE.)

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