Premiere: Listen to “Look Straight Ahead” by Paula Boggs Band

Paula Boggs Band by Tom Reese

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new song with a powerful message called “Look Straight Ahead” by the purveyors of Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass, Paula Boggs Band.

With a fist raised in the air, a passionate Boggs delivers powerful, emotional vocals on the new track, while the rest of the top notch crew delivers a haunting melody, serving as the perfect foundation for the vital subject matter.

Paula Boggs on the new song:

“Look Straight Ahead” is a prayer to black boys and men in America too often found in a fill in the blank “while black” encounter — driving, jogging, gardening, shopping, sleeping in their own home. Its message is inspired by the great civil rights anthem “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Turn Me Round.” I started to write it while riding a city bus. A black male teen got on after me, angry and agitated. Transfixed I created in my head a narrative of what might be inside his. As America and the world navigate this George Floyd moment of reckoning we hope “Look Straight Ahead” promotes empathy as it entertains.

(Check out “Look Straight Ahead” below and get more info about Paula Boggs Band HERE.)

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