Premier: Watch Stucky Jackson & The Boys performing “Pardon Me” on Earwig Sessions Vol. 1

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the video for “Pardon Me” from Stucky Jackson & The Boys as the first installment of Earwig Sessions Vol. 1.

Earwig Sessions Vol. 1 is the first installment of a new series at Earwig Studio in Seattle. Multiple bands perform live to an audience in the inner sanctum of the recording studio.

“More and more people discover new music through YouTube” says owner, Don Farwell, “this gives bands a chance to show what they can do live with the sound of a studio recording”. In addition, Don has teamed up with Lance Hofstad to handle visuals. Lance’s camera work and unique editing style give this live format a signature artistic edge.

The first of four bands in Vol. 1 is Stucky Jackson & The Boys performing “Pardon Me”, a song of heartbreak set to the pace of swinging rock n roll.

(Check out “Pardon Me” below via YouTube and get more info about Stucky Jackson & The Boys HERE and get more info about Earwig Studios HERE.)  

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