Premier: Watch Smokey Brights cover “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a video of Kim West and Ryan Devlin from the band Smokey Brights brilliantly covering “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.
“We have this new EP coming out in January called Come to Terms. Freakout Records is putting it out on January 26th on a red 10 inch record, but you can hear the title track online right now. Click HERE to listen. It’s the best thing we’ve done yet. We worked producer Sam Bell. He’s British, super talented, always salty, and has become a dear friend since we recorded this record last March. Sam’s a big proponent of songs, songwriting, and generally didn’t let Kim and I hide behind the full band. If it’s not a song, a real song with meaning, hooks, and melody, we kept working on it or scrapped it. The result is we have these great full band arrangements on record and live, but we also have these songs that can exist anywhere. They work on acoustic guitar. At the end of the full band recording process, we wanted to capture these songs in their core state, on the instruments we wrote them on, in the living room we wrote them in. So, this is us in our home, doing what we do. Playing Fleetwood Mac songs surrounded the by thrift shop treasures that adorn our little home.
Sam recorded these acoustic tracks and our bud Dylan Priest did the video work (Dylan also shot the cover of our last record, Hot Candy, as well as an amazing 360 VR music video for “Baby Bigshot.”) We captured most of the songs from the EP but wanted to throw this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” in there as well. We’re fans of Fleetwood Mac of course, but we’re really big fans of Stevie Nicks, as a musician, as a fashion icon, as a sparkly trans-dimensional witchy woman of songwriting. Stevie is Kim’s spirit animal. “Dreams” is a real song. Uncomplicated, emotionally compelling, totally enduring, and it can exist anywhere. You can hum it in the shower, or sing it in your living room wearing your favorite faux-fur coat.”
(Watch “Dreams” below via YouTube and get more info about Smokey Brights at their website HERE.)

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