Review: Handsome and Gretyl Make One Lovesick Folk Pop Track After Another with ‘Twelve’


Who knew that feel-good lyrics, cotton-candy vocals, and memorable melodies existed in a lush and easily digestible package of Twelve songs. Handsome and Gretyl have crafted some gorgeous songs that make any gloomy day brighter and the overcast skies of the Pacific Northwest less gray. This folk-pop album invokes artists like Brooke Fraser (specifically “Something in the Water”), with a touch of the Lumineers, and the occasional hint of Lana Del Rey, if Lana fell into a bucket of honey and syrup. Between the beautiful lilt of Gretyl’s voice, Handsome’s complementary harmonies, the lush guitar, and easy rhythmic percussion, it’s easy to fall in love with Twelve.

Recorded at Starbird Studio in Seattle, Twelve begins with the fun and bouncy track “Let’s Go.” As you get swept away by the melodic hooks and harmonies, you’ll be swept through a beautiful ride of good emotions. The delightful “Heavy Heart” is meant for anyone who feels a bit down; it’s nigh impossible to feel horrible while listening to the track. Riding along, you will feel carried high on “Waves” as it pours over your ears and into your soul. It’s beautiful. You’ll also want to mark up the track “My Heart is Set” if you plan on getting married in the near future. This is crafted for the bride and groom for a hipster  every wedding. Add it to your wedding playlist before your friends do!

Aside from that, this record is so well recorded, it’s clean and crisp, filled with many melodic hooks and ear candy in each track, it’s not difficult to fall in love not only with the album, but also there’s the love story between Handsome and Gretyl. This is a duo that expresses their joy for each other as well as music and it is apparent in each and every track. This is an album by multi-talented multi-instrumentalists, you’re going to love it!

(Twelve is available to purchase from Handsome & Gretyl’s Bandcamp page, and if you’re into vinyl, it’d be worth getting this sparkling album in 12″ format. You can sample the LP below.)

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