Premier: Watch Live Recording of “She Knows” by I Wish I Was A Punk Band

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new video for “She Knows” from I Wish I Was A Punk Band.

I Wish I Was A Punk Band is premiering a live video performance of “She Knows” recorded on the Olympic Peninsula in anticipation of his debut album, Takeda Bleach. The video was filmed by cinematographer Garrett Parker (of Seattle band PICKWICK) amongst the ferns and firs of the PNW, providing an organic aura around an electronically driven soundscape. “She Knows” is the second release off the upcoming album with the first release, “Time Spent”, available on most streaming services starting Sept 20th.

I Wish I Was A Punk Band is the solo expression of multi-instrumentalist Phil Hamilton. Originally from North Carolina, Hamilton has been a part of the Seattle music scene mostly as a drummer with artists like DATENITE, Young Chhaylee, and Lizzie Weber. I Wish I Was A Punk Band allows a new medium for vulnerability and escapism for Hamilton and his audience. Utilizing lo-fi drum machines and stark vocal effects, he crafts intricate soundscapes under vague melodic threads to create dreamy bedroom pop. His songs pull on wisps of nostalgia as they explore the memory distortions and biases of one’s youth.

The debut album, Takeda Bleach, was recorded with Mathieu Reide of L453R L4DY Studios in Tacoma, WA, and Saman Khoujinian of Sleepy Cat Studios in Carrboro, NC, and will be released later this year. I Wish I Was A Punk Band will be touring down the west coast to support the album release with Arthur James (of Seattle band LYLE), and will kick off the tour at the Sunset Tavern on October 30th along with RX.

(Check out “She Knows” below via YouTube and get more information about I Wish I Was A Punk Band HERE.) 

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