Premier: Listen to “Suddenly Tamed” from Nate Wey

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a shoegazey new single called “Suddenly Tamed” from Nate Wey, formerly of Souvenir Driver.

If you are currently in lockdown mode like the rest of us, and if you’re not you really should be, this song should help ease the pain that many of us are feeling.

“Suddenly Tamed” is a song written & recorded during the COVID-19 crises/quarantine in Oregon. The main parts were recorded by Nate Wey (Souvenir Driver) in his apartment; before emailing it to Gregg Williams (producer Dandy Warhols, engineer Blitzen Trapper), who added live drums and did the mix.

Despite the setting the song was written under, it is surprisingly optimistic. It was loosely inspired by The Little Prince, the first book Nate Wey turned to after shelter in place started.

(Check out “Suddenly Tamed” below and get more info about Nate Wey HERE.)

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