Video Premier: Watch “Home” by Good Co

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new video for “Home” from North America’s first electro-swing band, Good Co.

“Filmed at ‘The Ruins’, an eccentric mansion in the heart of Seattle, Good Co partnered with filmmaker Skye Warden of Clockwork Productions and visual designer John Theroux (Blazinspace) to play with space, light, and dimension to create an otherworldly theme for their new single “Home” off of their upcoming album So Pretty.

That mythical place called “Home”, can one ever really make their way back? As we grow and change in our lives the concept of home becomes a touchstone, but in reality, doesn’t it change as well, frequently in ways that aren’t always so readily apparent? In Good Co’s newest single these questions are explored.”

(Check out “Home” below via YouTube and get more information about Good Co HERE.) 

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