NWMS is offering free ad placements to artists during the COVID-19 crisis

One slogan that is carrying a lot of weight lately is “we are all in this together’ and while it’s certainly not new, it is no longer a cliche. As we watch so many of our beloved northwest artists and institutions struggling mightily, (we are feeling it bigtime too and have our own fundraiser HERE)it’s clear that if we are going to make it through this (and we will) we need to stick together. And while this isn’t meant to be political, the aide package that was recently announced by our “leaders” leaves out a whole lot of people. Not the least of which, musicians and other artists, as well as a whole lot of gig workers. One thing we are noticing though is that people aren’t giving up, in fact they are taking the bull by the horns so to speak and are getting creative about ways to raise money in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

While we’ve been using our social media channels to boost tons of streaming events that musicians have put on to help weather the storm as well as fundraisers set up to collect money for the most vulnerable in the artist community, there’s more we can do.

Starting now and for the foreseeable future we are offering 10 free ad spots on our website. We are restricting this to bands or solo artists from the northwest that rely greatly on the money they are losing from show cancellations and postponements. The ads will be placed on the sidebar of our website and could appear in other places as well.

If you’d like to take advantage of this, send to northwestmusicscene@gmail.com a 280px X 350px ad. NOTE: the first number (280px) is the width and while that number is firm, the second dimension (350px) is the height and can vary a little bit. Plus or minus a little bit works fine.

Use “NWMS AD” as the subject line of your email and include the ad, the link you’d like it directed to and briefly tell us how COVID-19 has impacted you. Also tell us where you or your band is from.

Let’s get through this together.


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